Meeting Asian beauties

On 12/8/14 I saw that a Japanese that I spent several hours with last year sent me an email, so I replied and invited her to come back to the Bay Area.

Last week my Asian honey told me she felt like she didn’t give me enough of her time even though it was almost 8 hours and recent, but anyway we spent several more hours together, the last three also including a mutual friend who is actually my only friend. Earlier this week my other Asian honey voice-mailed me holiday greetings and I reciprocated, but I don’t expect to see her more than every couple of months. She spent one night with me a few weeks ago and might again in the future, in fact it would be a nice Christmas present for her to give me.

I spent four hours of 2014 May Day with my Asian honey and two days later I was hugged by the great ranchero singer Berta Olivia after she performed at a Cinco de Mayo event, altogether comprising a wonderful week for me, relatively speaking. These wonderful experiences weren’t enough to cure my recent and chronic doldrums, but like I emailed a friend, they’re hella better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

Below a row of plus signs is the early part of this writing if you want to catch up on my motivations for this topic. As I have new experiences I am adding them so that the newest one is at the top.

10/16/13 I’ve basically given up on my Asian Beauty project until next summer when there will be more of them around, but I happened to pass through the place where I meet them twice today with no intention of sitting down, but still had a good experience. On the escalator in front of me coming out of BART was a YAB (young Asian beauty), but when I got to the top I didn’t see her around and when I walked through the YAB place I didn’t see her there. However, about 20 minutes later as I came through again there she was sitting down with three large Apple stickers on her Toshiba which gave me an excuse to ask her about it. She smiled and explained that she had the stickers and had nothing else to do with them.  I told her they looked good and made a quip that inspired her to laugh and then went my way. She might have liked to talk to me more, but a few words were enough for me as I passed the scene on my way home. Which I’m glad I did because at 3 pm I ran into my Asian honey and spent the next nine hours with her, which is as always fun for me because I love this girl. As always, I tagged along with her to community events that included a film, and because she doesn’t want to watch two movies on the same day she didn’t agree to see Gravity with me until another time, which makes me dubious about her, knowing I may not bump into her for a month or more, probably after Gravity is gone  which will force me to see it alone tomorrow.

10/2/13 and 10/6/13 Two more duds. I’m frustrated that there are so many beauties all around me but only men sat next to me, but this is a long game and I realized today that I really like this place a lot, so there’s no loss. I’m confident I’ll meet one fairly soon. A few days ago an AB (Asian beauty) sat down next to me at a different place and I was tempted to tell her that she doesn’t look beautiful but that she would if she removed the pancake flour on her face (makeup). However, I wasn’t sure if this would benefit or harm her, so I held my mud.

10/1/13 I stopped by my favorite Asian beauty spot but only because I needed to go to a shop a block form there, and because I anticipated spending over 50 bucks I wasn’t really into it, plus I sounded like little girl. I did speak to a couple of Asian cuties who sat down next to me, but I didn’t really expect much and they were friendly but nothing came of it. I think that’s three duds in a row, and I have to admit that I’m a bit disappointed but not much because I expect be in a better mood and voice next time.

9/27/13 I bumped into my Asian honey but this time I spent less than 3 hours with her because we got separated in a café meeting .I had to get somewhere soon so when I glanced over and saw that she wasn’t at the meeting I bailed out even though she may have just gone to the restroom. That’s okay, I love this girl, so any amount of time with her is topping on the cake for my life.

8/31/ & 9/7/13 My 8th and 9th outings were complete duds. Although I found my favorite place available and seats on at least one side, nobody could get to them because large groups crowded me in, and I had trouble squeezing past them when I left. My table was bumped repeatedly and some of my coffee would have spilled onto it if I hadn’t already drunk some of it. I don’t actually have to meet anybody at all because I work on my laptop while I’m here. This dud might have discouraged me if it happened when I started this project, but I had encouraging experiences in all of my first seven outings, and I’m batting 3 for 3 in starting interesting conversations.

My next attempt was short-circuited because before I could go to my favorite place to meet girls I bumped into my Asian honey and spent the afternoon with her, after which I went straight home tired, for the rest of the hot day. I’ve now been with her on just four occasions – March 17, April 14, June 2, July 31 and September 7, about once a month including the day I met her. While we strolled she bought a book about love at a garage sale, and perusing it while we lunched in a restaurant I noticed that it employed the same lovingly and phenomenally peremptory, unequivocal assertions about the topic, in my view exactly like the Course In Miracles, which I greatly admire.

She said she bought it because she wanted to learn how to love people with whom she has conflicts, and I described to her my phenomenal experience in that regard when I once imbibed pharmaceutical pure Ecstacy, not the adulterated form that I believe is taken at raves, though there seems to be a similar effect even from that lesser form. However, I will describe my wonderful experience with it elsewhere, not in this blog topic.

8/29/13 I arrived in the afternoon again on my seventh outing and sat down next to a very cute girl from Shanghai who along with her sister both had their heads on the table with their eyes closed, so I said to their mother that they were lazy, which aroused the girl next to me in her own defense, explaining to me that she “had” cancer and said something about being here because her heart device malfunctioned. The past tense encouraged me to hope that she was in remission, but I didn’t ask her that directly. When I asked if she was better she smiled and said she is but I hope that wasn’t just a diplomatic statement.

At first I was worried that the mother, who was stout and looked tough would be hostile towards me thinking I was a perv who was after her daughters, but as it turned out she was also very friendly with me although everything she said to me was in Cantonese, which I don’t understand even one little bit, so I just nodded in a pretense of agreement in response to everything she said. This was the first girl on these outings whose name I didn’t ask for; instead I diplomatically asked the girl for her mother’s name which shetold me and then she spoke to her mother, presumably informing her about my inquiry, and her mother seemed pleased and smiled. I didn’t understand her name, something like Piau Lei.

The girl was somewhat fluent in English from spending two years in England, which she said she likes a lot more than America because of its traditional architecture, and I agreed with her when she said that the people there are also nicer and less violent than here. My impression was that she wasn’t barely tolerating me speaking to her because she asked me a lot of questions about myself, the U.S., etc. asked me why at 27 years old she was refused a beer as too young and I explained that many Asian girls look much younger than they are and gave her an example of one in particular that I know. She was very friendly, asking what I did and when I said I write asking what kind of writing, etc. etc.

She wondered why I am surfing the Net at this place instead of at home and I explained to her that I shut off my Net at home because I was on it 16 hours a day, whereas after disconnecting it I’m down to a much more reasonable 4-5 hours. Twice she mentioned that young people wanted fashionable consumer items, which is why she switched from iPhone 4 & 5 to an Adroid for “fashion” which may mean that this brand is currently sweeping Shanghai. She said that after seeing a travel agent they were going to shop with their credit cards and I told her she shouldn’t spend too much money.

She smiled and asked, “Why? Young people like fashion.” My impression is that she sees the world through a gilded lens but it’s not up to me to judge her for it, besides which her health seems precarious and maybe she can’t engage in the pastimes of normally healthy people such as hiking and issues  advocacy. Where I met her there are many gilded people from all over the world. I had forgotten that people like her are part of the 1% who had a million in the bank and an income to match and therefore see life through a gilded prism, so maybe they’re not relevant to my life and/or mine not to theirs

She told me again that she doesn’t like America and thinks it’s too violent, especially compared to England and especially all the guns. I said what about the Chinese teachers who killed their students by stabbing them or threw them out of windows and she said that was stuff that was in the news and not anywhere near her personal experience. I had my laptop, so as we talked I was able to show her a few pertinent items, for instance today’s temperature in Miami, which was 88 degrees.

I told her I like politics and she said she doesn’t like Obama so I said I do like him and pointed out that Romney wanted to impose trade sanctions on China so he was worse, and she said she knew about that but politics really isn’t very significant in her life. I was very intrigued and tried to visualize the strikingly different way she saw America and fashion and perhaps life in general than I see it, such as her focus on what “young people” do. When I told her my closest friend is Asian she asked which country and I suspected she would be disappointed when I didn’t say Chinese, and she did in fact seem disappointed, but I’m not there to lie even about something trivial to someone I’ll never see again. She smiled a lot and we conversed for about half an hour before they had to go visit their travel agent and then fly to New York and Miami – after shopping.

We talked some more about crazy people here and the UK and China before they packed up their stuff to head off. I was ready to leave before they were but a fat American walked by cursing at them for whatever offense he fantasized that they had committed and then sat down to my right, so I told her I would stay to remain between them and him contingent on them leaving fairly soon, and she was actually scared of him and thanked me for hanging around longer. I suppose he didn’t do much to disabuse her of her negative impression of Americans. Duh

8/27/13 My outing today wasn’t the sixth consecutive time that a cute Asian sat down next to me because I arrived in the afternoon rather than in the morning as on previous occasions, so the place was crowded and there were already seats occupied by Asian beauties and an empty table between them, but my outing was a success because the one on my left who was closer to me was Japanese. Her name is Nimani and she’s a very cute and sweet college student from a town near Mt. Fuji.

She’s an ESL student who has only been in the U.S. for a month, and I’m pretty sure I wore her out with English because she’s very new at it and struggled for the correct words to use, but she did manage to tell me she’s a basketball coach and showed me photos on her iPhone of her players and mentioned Osaka, I think as the city of her college. She won’t be able to come back next year because she will have to look for work in Japan. We conversed for about twenty minutes until she packed up to go home, and I didn’t really want to continue conversing with someone with such halting English because it was wearing me out as well, so I waited until she was gone and then headed home myself.

Nimani was, of course, a marked contrast from Kairan, who is fully fluent in English. Our conversation was tiring for both of us because she only started speaking English a month ago and struggled for the words she needed, and I struggled to speak simply enough for her to understand me. She’s only getting a taste of English before she has to return to a town near Mt. Fuji to resume her college studies, and then next summer she can’t come here because she will have to work.

8/26/13 I made my fifth outing to look for a Japanese girl and for the fifth time a cute Asian girl sat down next to me, but before I could say something to her a guy in very dirty clothes mumbled something at her, which made me reluctant to speak to her and anyway right after that two other girls arrived and they all went off together.


8/18/13 I’ve never been on a date, and have had only brief sex bouts and live-in loves that lasted four or more years on multiple occasions. The second of those is the one who remained the light of my life for over thirty years and since she left this world a decade ago remains the light of my heart, which may be a personal myth for all I know; maybe I should be bitter that she left me. What constrains me from a total lust for women is that I’ve always been monogamous, so I’ve always looked for the love of my life, not a girl friend. The only reason I’m not still with my very first love is that she left me. On quite a few occasions I’ve had beautiful naked women in my bed and wasn’t even tempted because I was satisfied that their nakedness was already enough victory and I didn’t have to carry it all the way to prove that I was a true hunk.

I’ve never been to Asia, but I’ve been involved exclusively with Asian women for many years and married one who left me after five (others left me after 3, 4 and 10). She became the first woman that I ever fell out of love with, and another Asian became the second. I suppose that this project may ultimately diminish my infatuation with Asian women – I already know that I probably idealize them too much. I won’t deny that I’m hot for young Asian beauties but even if I land one she will leave me sooner or later anyway like every woman before her, so I don’t really see the point of wanting one in my bed.

I’ve always been with women no older than their 30’s and five years ago my last live-in lover was an half my age, but now I feel like I’ve crossed over into old age with dubious health and therefore my assumption is that I won’t get any more young ones, which is at this point still the only kind that interest me – my Asian honey isn’t young, but because I love her  she’s beautiful from my perspective.

We live a block apart and have what I call a bump-into relationship. Every time we have bumped into each other we spent at least three hours together, so she seems to like me but I don’t get the idea that she’s interested in moving in me. We haven’t dated but have gone to museums, movies, restaurants and protests together. The last time we were together she asked me if I have a cell phone and I said I did, but I didn’t offer her the number and she didn’t request it. I don’t like phones and I feel like calls from her or anybody would intrude into my self-imposed cocoon. I figure if she moved in with me it would just be a matter of time before she moved out, so what’s the point?

A reader of this project report might think that I want Asian beauties so much and I’m thick-skinned, so I force them into conversations with me with no consideration of whether they want to begin or continue one with me but nothing could be further from the truth; the last thing I want to or ever will do is impose myself on anyone or to keep bothering them if I perceive that they don’t really want to talk to me, and I still have some fear that one of them or more will rebuff me, humiliating me even though I will never see them again and no one but she and I will ever learn of the humiliation. In other words, there remains a risk that at some point in the future I may have to give this project up due to a conclusion that I’m being perceived as a dirty old man.

Let me be clear about a couple of aspects of this project. I don’t want to encourage men who have a lust for Asian girls, so if this encourages them it is an unintended consequence, and this is also why I won’t disclose the pickup lines that I used to initiate conversations – this definitely isn’t intended to be a DIY primer for meeting women from ANY part of the planet. This is also why I don’t describe the attributes of Asian women even though I know in detail what I love about them. They are what I am concentrating on right now as I emerge from my years of anti-social solitude while I wrote my five-novel series, so that’s how I’m beginning this blog. This account will include more details than many or most readers will be interested in, but I have no way of knowing where to draw that line, so I will just go whole hog and whatever happens, happens. It will be peppered with images because I’m told blogs need them, but none of them will be photos of women I met, as I have no plan to surreptitiously photograph or video any of them because it is both illegal and (more marginally) unethical to do so without their permission. I’m not really into photography or videography, so I doubt that I will make such a request.

The following is only about women because I far prefer to deal with them rather than with men of any nationality – I had a very significant insight about the difference between them when I took Ecstasy long ago, but I’ll leave explaining that for another day. At some point I perhaps should reduce (probably can’t stop without Ecstasy) this sexal (not “sexual” – see Vol 3 of my novel series) distinction and open myself to assisting and conversing with Asian men, but the idea or conversing with men of any nationality doesn’t appeal to me and it hasn’t even come up yet as I have been encountering 100% women with this experiment

Recently I sat down next to a beautiful young woman in a restaurant and suspected she would be glad to get into a conversation with me, but I didn’t want my Asian honey who lives nearby to see me with her, so I passed on the opportunity, though somewhat reluctantly. The next day an attractive Asian whose name turned out to be Karina sat down next to me in a restaurant, and I decided I wasn’t going to do this two days in a row, so I spoke to her and we spent the next two hours together before we had to part company for her flight back to her home near Kyoto. I don’t fret about meeting her during the last two hours of her week here because I could have met her five minutes before she left and never gotten to know her at all.

Right at the end because we wanted to have some contact info exchange she tried to call me but my phone didn’t ring, so we sat down with my laptop and she logged into her Yahoo account and sent me an email, but it didn’t arrive and never did. She then tried to log out but repeated attempts had no effect.  My laptop stayed in her account, and it was only then that it occurred to me to copy out her email address from her account, so I did and pasted it into a couple of places because it was my only hope of having some way to contact her sent her an email.

I think it didn’t occur to either of us to exchange snail addresses because we thought that there must be some kind of delay and therefore either the phone call or the email would eventually show up. I closed the browser on the assumption that this would log her out, but the very next day when I started the browser it opened to her account. Sooooo weird, I’ve never seen or heard anything like it. Fortunately, after I restarted my browser a couple of times she was finally logged out and I think maybe when she got home she logged in and out and that finally ended the snafu. When she arrived at home she sent me a very nice reply.

Meeting Karina made me realize that now because I have five books self-published I should come out of my seven-year shell that I entered when my Polyn-Asian honey disappeared from my life just before beginning her fifth year of being my live-in lover. I’ve loved only Asian women for a quarter century and decided I need to resume interaction with them, so I began spending more time in strategic places to see if I can meet more women because my books went up on Amazon several weeks ago so I don’t have an excuse for being as anti-social as I have been for several years while I focused on my writing.

I don’t want to give the impression that she means nothing to me because I love her, she’s an ardent environmental activist and is totally unmaterialistic. I look forward to more three-hour stints with her. She is, by the way, the sixth woman I have loved, and I’m confident that the first two really loved me back but I’m pretty sure the others only liked me. At any rate, all of them eventually left me, so I no longer hope to meet a woman who will love me and stay with all the way to my last gasp. Meeting this tourist reminded me that I love Asian women, and realize that I need more interaction with them, so I’m spending more time in the same restaurant to see if I can meet more of them because my books went up for sale on Amazon several weeks ago, so I don’t have the excuse for being as anti-social that I have been for several years while I totally focused on my writing. At some point I may become frustrated that none of them have become my lovers, but I’ll cross that bridge IF I get to it.

I turned my back on American women a quarter century ago. American women can be tough and unpleasant, for instance one that I had zero interest in that I asked if she wanted a small window near her on a hot bus opened and she glared at me as if I had asked her for a BJ. It’s not up to me to assume that being an obsequious Asian is good for her mental or physical health even though I love it because I hate arguments, so when I’m with one I try to treat her as my equal. There are also American women who don’t argue, but I’m not interested in any of them, they bore me. I did meet a cute college student from China who said she argues with her husband all the time, but she says he treats her very well, so I guess it’s working out for them.

I spoke to an American woman who said she had to move out of a moldy apartment and was staying with friends and I expressed surprise that people still crashed at each other’s cribs like they did in the sixties, but then I said, “Oh, it’s because you’re beautiful” which was an inadvertent insult because I was insinuating that it wasn’t because she was such a wonderful person. And she was indeed beautiful, but I don’t want her or any other American woman.

8/25/13 After meeting Karina but I didn’t observe any more Asian girls that seemed accessible to me in my neighborhood, so I switched to a different one where I hoped to position myself favorably, and so far it has worked out. Counting Karina as my first outing meeting Asian girls, four consecutive times the very first person who sat next to me was a cute China doll, but I’m holding out for another Japanese. I did speak to the fourth one as I was leaving, asking her how the wi-fi was on her laptop and she replied, “Vely srow.” The way she yanked her ear buds out to speak to me made me wonder if she’s lonely and perhaps hopeful that she was at last meeting someone, but I needed to move on. My heart still goes out to this girl and yes I feel guilty, but I have to follow my agenda and later I can befriend girls like her, not just now. And men? No, I don’t really like men from any country, but I’m ready to include them in conversation, I’m not downright bigoted against men.

Yesterday an American man and a beautiful China doll were both holding papers while conversing in front of me in an escalator and lingered at the top, so I approached the man and asked him if he was handing out leaflets, and he called the beauty over and the rest of my conversation was with her, which was of course what I really had in mind all along. She asked me if I talk to people when I’m on a bus and I said no because I’m anti-social, and she said she is also but I doubt it. Then she asked me what I do instead of talking and I said I wank, but she said, “You wink?” Maybe she’s just too innocent to know what wanking is. I was surprised that she was wearing makeup because this is generally unlike young Asian women to do, in general.

One time I saw a beautiful China doll at a farmer’s market wearing business clothes and shoes, after I watched her meandering a bit I approached her with the obvious statement, “You look like you’re new in town” and she said she just arrived a few days earlier. We chatted for about twenty minutes, but I didn’t offer to show her around because as I pointed out out her she would have wrecked her feet and/or business shoes walking around, she needed something like sneakers.

Positioning myself where an Asian beauty might sit next to me, approaching the man instead of the woman at BART, and casing ut the UN beauty are among the many strategies that I think up on the spot for the best prospects to get results. There’s nothing devious about them and I would never consider doing anything devious even to the most vulnerable and gullible Asian girl.

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